everyone has their demons. nowhere!verse follows sam, dean and castiel as they tackle their demons, hunt down dark pasts and fuck in an old chevrolet campervan.
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Anonymous ASKED:
Have you all abandoned this project? I'll be so very very sad if you have! :( I miss these guys and their pup and camper and the writing and art ... but I totally get it if everyone has just moved on. Happy New Year!

Hi sorry for the late response!

We haven’t abandoned it! But we’ve taken a sort of hiatus due to personal reasons. We’ll return when we’re ready, and hopefully that’s not too far in the future, but right now we’re taking a break ;A;

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Anonymous ASKED:
I can't get enough of this verse!!! Is there any sort of posting schedule???

sorry but there isn’t a strict one yet ;; we used the ”once a week” rule of thumb but now when we’ve got our real lives full of stuff all of a sudden its kinda hard to adhere too.

the posting schedule as of now is just : A.S.A.P!!!! sorry i cant be clearer than this aah we’re doing our best 

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Anonymous ASKED:
I hate to be a pest, but I was so excited to find this verse back in October and I've been tracking the tag and stalking the blog ever since... might we be getting some new stuff soon? C:

omg sorry for neglecting this blog for so long!!!

cesca is swamped w school work atm and i (hanna) am drowning in NaNo and adjusting to a new internship but A.S.A.P we will get back on it!!! we’ve been writing as muc has we’ve been able on the main fic and ive been nagging cesca about making a christmas special so yeah soon!! thank you for being supportive ;n; 

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Anonymous ASKED:
Are you guys eventually going to have other fanmixes for the verse? The general one is wonderful, and I'd love to see what else you guys come up with

YES!!! That’s our ‘intro’ mix kinda.We have 3 planned; one for Cas, Dean and Sam’s individual journeys throughout the fic.

On top of that, when we’ve finished and published the fic, we were thinking of pouring all our insp songs and head canon music favs of the boys into one big playlist and calling it the van’s archives just because ;;

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( Just a little fluffier bit of the longfic we’re currently writing, v. early on on their journey )


Sam wakes up first. Again.

He wedges himself between the pile of cushions and the wall, picking at a scab on his knuckle absently to distract from the void inside him. Getting a fix is still the first thing he thinks of in the morning and the last thing at night, but the need is no longer choking. More like a dull throb beneath the surface. Unremarkable to an outside viewer, still really damn annoying to Sam.

Watery dawn light reaches in through gaps in the night drapes, fingers striping across the sheets contoured by their three bodies, blurred before the sun fully wakes to define them. Sam toys with one, stirring dust from the cotton into the shaft, watching it catch the light like flaked ochre. He ignores the track marks on his arms, barely notices them now, but the bruising is still hard to miss. Stormy at the soft inner skin of his elbow, bleeding without wound into pastel pink and yellow, sapping the color from his skin so the rest of his body looks ashen.

After a while Dean stirs beside him, his thick-lidded eyes cracking open and flicking up to the sun painted ceiling, less diluted than when Sam awoke, however long ago that was. He shivers, stretches, his arm flopping over Sam’s thigh as his other hand catches his yawn. Sam walks his fingers down the sheet to his brother’s limp hand.

“Morning.” Sam deadpans, fingers toying with Dean’s own. Dean looks up, presses his lips together and withdraws his hand, shuffling up onto his elbows.

“You been up long?” Sam just huffs in response. “At least you’re actually sleeping now.”

Dean pulls himself back onto the mound of pillows, or tries to. Cas had somehow tangled his limbs into Dean’s during the night, one leg forced between his own, the other hitched up near his hip, and his elbow nudging into Dean’s ribs. He curls into Dean tighter as he moves. 

“Cas leggo, you’re like a fucking limpet. Ow- An’ move your damn elbow.” Dean slurs sleepily, broad hand pushing against Cas’ forehead in an attempt to dislodge him. Sam grins.

“That’s not his elbow.”

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nerdybirdpoo ASKED:
How are Sam and Dean reunited? I love your 'verse by the way, and the art. It has a really cool vibe to it

Bug the dog says that will be explained in the fic~

And thank you! We’re happy you’re enjoying it ;n;

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centranthe ASKED:
hi! um i really really love this AU and i wondered if it was ok if i made a fanart for it? you guys rock this is perfect

Hi! We would be super excited and flattered if you wanted to do fan art!! Please feel free to do it! We’d really appreciate if you’d tag us or link us somehow if you did so we can see it ;n;

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fromthefairyfort ASKED:
So, if the boys are on the road, where do they keep their food? Or, how do they deal with food?

They have a sorta loud mini-frigde in one of their cupboards where they keep some stuff, but mainly they either get the food they need for the day and eat fresh, or they take from a rather large stock of preserved food. (Cas in particular has a fondness of beans, even if they make him gassy and the brothers complain a lot.)

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Author: Hanna 

’’I couldn’t find your Plath but, uhm…’’ He halts, hovering in the doorway, one foot still lingering outside. ‘’I, I uh –‘’ he clears his throat but the dust clings to his voice, like the creak of an old attic door.

His eyes fasten on the floor, studying the patterns of pastel blue and the way it reflects the room; muddled and distorted, there but still too far away. Just the same, the weight that cloys at his chest, it seems distant, while attached to him in some convoluted, farfetched way. 

‘’Hope you don’t mind’’

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Anonymous ASKED:
So I'm a bit curious.. What kind of Cas are we going to see in this fic? 2014!Cas or your standard-Grade-A-Angel!Cas? Or is that asking too much of the plot...?

He’s a little bit of every Cas, we think. He’s not as naïve or righteous as an angel, but he’s not as hopeless and self-destructive as endverse!Cas, and he’s a bit more tired and grumpy than current Cas.

A little end, a little angel, a little human, add a sheltered childhood and some hard truths and a bit of lonely wandering, and that’s our Cas!

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